Diecut UK, the Preston, UK based machinery manufacturer and supplier is pleased to announce the installation of their semi-automatic diecutter, the Redline 1700SF in Box-It (Ireland) 

Box-It (Ireland) realised that their existing 2 hand fed platens were not coping with the increase in the number of orders and wanted to be able to substantially increase their productivity. They investigated the possibilities on the market and initially choose to approach Diecut UK mainly due to their confidence in the vast market experience of Steve Waterhouse, Diecut UK’s Managing Director.

Alan Knox and Barry McAllister, of Box It (Ireland), then visited an existing Redline in operation and were so impressed by the production rate and quality of the diecutting that they placed their order for the Redline 1700 with a stripping section along with grip edge and waste removal.

The machine has a maximum diecutting capability of 1700mm x 1180mm with variable speed control and mechanical pressure settings. The Redline 1700SF runs at 3500 sheets per hour leaving a 100% stripped blank.

Box It (Ireland) have now had the Redline in production for 4 months, they are delighted by the increase in production and say that the Redline has already ‘proved its worth’.

For more information on this machine and any other products and services, please contact the sales team at Diecut UK on +44 (0)845 2004076, info@diecutuk.com www.diecutuk.com