Burkert’s new type 8619 multiCELL transmitter/controllers are designed to cut processing costs in water treatment and hygienic processing applications, providing one device for the direct connection of a wide range of sensors to measure parameters such as flow rate, pH, ORP, temperature and conductivity.

The multiCELL multichannel transmitter/controller is a versatile analysis measuring system for diverse areas of application, including water treatment, foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. It comprises a basic modular unit equipped with a large backlit display, user-friendly softkey controls, two digital and frequency inputs, direct connections for various sensor types and two digital and analogue outputs that drive solenoid valves, control valves and actuators, such as dosing pumps.

The high level of functionality included can be expanded easily, by adding hardware and software modules. In addition, the multiCELL can also be configured as a Multipoint data logger with data storage on SD cards.

The advantage of this modular expansion facility is that multiCELL users pay only for the features that they actually require. Moreover, since the multiCELL provides a single transmitter across a wide range of applications, inventory and training costs are both minimised.