Level measurement specialist Vega Controls’ new Plicsmobile, a transmitting and receiving unit, expects to change the way remote inventory and vendor managed inventory (VMI) systems are deployed by integrating everything into a measurement device for level applications from water level to silo levels up to 75m.

Plicsmobile is available as an integrated module for the new plics plus sensor generation, or as a standalone instrument, Plicsmobile T61, which can be powered from the existing signal cable, by battery or other renewable energy source.

The SIM card and integrated modem allow worldwide data transmission via the mobile network including ‘dial in’ remote diagnosis and service using PACTware FDT/DTM software.

Plicsmobile needs no other intermediate signal boxes or modems nearby and cabling can be left out, with an integrated energy system managing any battery supply of sensor and emitting unit. This means Plicsmobile can be installed and operate independently with any Vega technology measuring liquid in tanks or silo levels with battery power only, and send data globally. With Plicsmobile, Plicsradio and Hart Wireless compatibility, Vega can now cover most applications in wireless communication.