Often referred to in the Test & Measurement sector as Ireland’s best kept secret, Eurolec Instruments offers measurement solutions across an enormous range of industry and business requirements, from Torque to Temperature, Data Loggers to Doppler meters.

With over 40 years’ experience in the design, manufacture and supply of quality portable instrumentation, Eurolec’s range of precision thermometers, probes, infrared thermometers, manometers and temperature calibration sources are exported globally, providing solutions for a wide range of markets and applications. And what’s more, they are all available to buy online on their dedicated ecommerce website www.eurolec-instruments.com

HACCP Compliance in Food and Drink Manufacturing

One particular area of Eurolec’s expertise is the manufacture of temperature measurement instrumentation. Whilst its range can be used across a broad spectrum of industries, Eurolec is dedicated to providing compliant and high accuracy temperature measurement instruments to the food and drink industry including solutions to help businesses with HACCP compliance, an essential activity critical to business operations as well as a legal requirement.

The PC Temp PT2 is a simple-to-use but accurate handheld probe or thermometer with a built-in general-purpose probe, suited to a variety of different tasks. It is supplied with UKAS-traceable calibration certificate, protective case, hygienic wipes and a temperature Log Book for your convenience. [PICTURE]

TH103TC, is a more robust instrument and appropriate for use in industrial kitchens as well as a wide range of demanding hostile environments through its plug-in T-Type probes.

Protect your workplace and test your employee’s temperature

With the current challenges businesses face because of the coronavirus pandemic Eurolec has further expanded its range to include products to help business operations. The range includes a simple handheld point and measure thermometer, as well as one which uses the latest biometric technology in combination with high-accuracy temperature sensors. This latter device, can be used with automated door entry systems to grant or deny access to staff or visitors based on their temperature. [PICTURE]

Ensuring the accuracy of your measurement equipment

Ensuring the accuracy of your temperature measurement instruments is essential to meet health and safety and industry-specific standards, regulations or guidelines. Eurolec can help here too. No matter the Brand, you can send your temperature, pressure, relative humidity, weights, PAT Testing, Airflow and Tachometer to Eurolec and be assured of an efficient, high-quality and compliant recalibration service.

As if that wasn’t enough, Eurolec also offer onsite calibration of temperature and pressure meters and PAT testing. Their CS Precision range of calibration sources, is unlike most other calibration sources available on the market, both in terms of build quality and capability. They come equipped with the ability to calibrate both probe thermometers and infrared thermometers, as they incorporate blackbody and dry-block technology in one unit.

And for everything else measureable…