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Optimised motion series – a low- cost system with optimised performance. A package that makes moving and positioning easier than ever before. And significantly cheaper than conventional electrical solutions. It comprises a mechanical system with permanently mounted motor and drive system (motor controller) with integrated web browser technology and matching connecting cables (12 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, additionally 2 high speed counters up to 180 KHz). Another major plus: you can configure, order and commission using just 1 type code.

Versatile: The range of application for the electric cylinder

Best performance: The components

Low- cost with optimised performance: EPCO

As simple as a pneumatic cylinder, but with the advantages of an electric drive at a lower cost and simpler than electric positioning systems. As the heart of the Optimised Motion Series (OMS) positioning system, it can be ordered with a single order code, making selection easy. Everything fits – “WebConfig” and “WebDiag”, the software for configuration and diagnostic make sure of that.


Rotary Drive ERMO

The rotary drive ERMO is the ideal complete solution for turning and aligning parts and workpieces or for swivelling tasks subjected to heavy loads. The solution package is also suitable for simple rotary indexing table applications such as at manual workstations. The flexible of the ERMO and its diverse range of possible uses make it ideal for simpler applications requiring cost- effective solutions with a long service life of more than 5 millions cycles.

– Rotary Drive ERMO


Controllers CECC

The controllers CECC are modern, compact and versatile controllers that enable programming with CODESYS according to IEC 61131-3.

The controller CECC offer the following basic functions:
– 12 digital inputs, 8 digital outputs, additionally 2 high speed counters up to 180kHz.
– Ethernet 10/100Mbps, Modbus TCP client/ server, Easy IP, TCP, IP, OPC server available.
– CANopen master: connection of the electric drives
– USB interface for data transfer
– Can be connected directly with modern HMI devices CDPX.

Optional: Function libraries for motion control of up to three interpolating axes: Ethernet, CANopen, Master, IO-Link, Master and device and serial interfaces round off the funcionalities.

– Controllers CECC

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