Filtration Service Engineering (FSE) is delighted to announce  that it has been appointed as the UK and Ireland importer and distributor of NOP Vortex machine tool filter pumps from the Nippon Oil Pump Company Limited (NOP). Unlike anything seen before in the machine tool industry, the NOP pump is required floor-space, eliminate the need for media filters and therefore reduce the service requirement and related costs.

The range of NOP pumps was initially launched in 2010 and now these unique media free filter pumps are available for the first time in the UK from FSE. The NOP  pumps offer a flow rate from 12 to 300 litres per minute and pressures from 5bar to 70bar – either fixed or variable.

The integrated media free filter, which allows for filtration levels of up to 20 micron, automatically discharges the swarf chips and sludge from the pump back to a collection waste bin or to the filter tank system. The innovative design of these NOP pumps allows filtered coolant to be delivered continuously to the machine tool and makes swarf reclamation extremely efficient.  

Installation is particularly easy as instead of having a bulky external tank and pump, the NOP pump can be simply integrated into small stand alone coolant tanks that often have no filtration. For machine shops that are pressed for space, the elimination of a bulky filter and pumping system, will be an extremely attractive prospect. Fitting the pump as original equipment or retro-fitting in place of a standard pump is an easy process that will instantly provide a machine tool with filtration levels of up to 20 micron.

The NOP pumps can also be fitted to existing or new chip management systems to increase the level of filtration. The benefit of adding the pump to existing systems is its ability to prolong the service life of existing consumable filters and cartridges.  It can be used in combination with existing chip conveyor systems to efficiently collect and re-cycle chips and sludge.

In addition to the new NOP pump system FSE can also supply and install the NOP Tazuna fluid control system. This system is designed to adjust the pressure and flow of the coolant continuously thus achieving maximum flow and pressure as required via an inverter/software system developed by NOP with automatic drill identification. By controlling the flow rates and pressure of the coolant for operations such as drilling, the combination of the NOP pump and Tazuna software has the potential to reduce power consumption rates by up to 61% compared to conventional pump systems.