Edwards, supplier of vacuum and abatement equipment and services, has launched a range of dry pumps which delivers high vacuum performance and enables full process integration. The compact GXS pump features screw technology and enables users to optimise their processes resulting in a low cost of ownership and a reduced footprint.

The GXS has a long pump service life of up to five years and is virtually maintenance free, even in harsh applications. The pump mechanism can be cleaned easily using the high flow purge and solvent flush accessory which removes the need to partially strip the pump. The pump provides faster pump down and gives ultimate vacuum down to 1×10-3mbar (7.5×10-4 Torr). This results in optimum performance in a variety of applications from light duty through to load-lock and harsh process.

The pump design incorporates a number of features which contribute to its smooth quiet running, vacuum performance and low running cost.

It also enables users to minimise environmental impact with reduced gas and power consumption.