Emerson Process Management has released the Rosemount Analytical Model 3900 general purpose pH/ORP sensor, designed for a broad range of applications in the industry.

Offering one of the widest temperature operating ranges for general purpose sensors, the Model 3900 is said to be the first to function at sub-zero temperatures, providing accurate measurements in applications from -10°C to 100°C. Each sensor is equipped for both ¾in and 1in mounting, allowing it to fit in smaller pipes, giving optimum mounting versatility.

The Model 3900 features the patented AccuGlassT sensor glass formulation proven in premium sensors designed for rugged environments. The Accu­Glass formulation is said to resist cracking. A Teflon double-junction reference electrode protects the sensor from poisoning ions. The complete encapsulation of the sensor eliminates leakage or high humidity.

The Model 3900 is said to give the user access to a wider range of more advanced diagnostics.

The Model 3900 is a combination sensor including pH, ORP and temperature within the sensor body. It is designed to measure aqueous solutions in pipelines, open tanks or ponds. It is compatible with all Rosemount Analytical analysers as well as those from other manufacturers.