The new IMTG range of level transmitters from Impress Sensors & Systems is designed for continuous submersion in liquids such as water, oils and fuels.

The transmitters are suitable for applications in small (0 to 10 metre depth) tanks or containers, where conventional mechanical level switches and sensors are not suitable because of reliability issues and a higher degree of level ‘control’ and measurement is required. Typical applications include measurements of static tank level, container or chamber level, and vehicle tank level.

The IMTG transmitters use a piezoresistive, silicon pressure sensing technology and a stainless steel diaphragm, which provide stability, repeatability and resolution. The sensor housing is made from stainless steel, making it ideal for reliable, repeatable hydrostatic level measurement. The sensors are available in nominal pressure ranges from 0.5mWG to 10mWG. An optional self-flushing nose cone is available.

Sam Drury, sales & marketing Director at Impress Sensors & Systems comments: “As well as the standard options that we offer on the IMTG, we can also custom engineer the sensors for specific applications to suit the application requirements. Customers can choose from a wide range of sensor options, including pressure ranges and engineering units, output types, cable lengths, cable materials, O-ring seal materials, static accuracy and thermal accuracy.”

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