Precision Processing Services Limited (PPSL) were initially set-up to service a polymer manufacturing facility based in the North West of Ireland who were sending their parts to the USA for refurbishment. From this initial start we now have customers across industry and across UK and Ireland, Europe and Asia who send have been sending their parts to PPSL for over 15 years.

We offer a customised chemical refurbishment of fouled industrial process equipment which is based on the customers contamination and the materials of construction of the equipment. Our on site technical team designs each process taking into account the contamination, equipment and the customers requirements to provide the optimum clean. Along side this core business we offer process engineering solutions which look at our customers processes and advise on modifications for improvement.

Traditionally we have focused on the cleaning and testing of filters and filtration equipment for the Polymer sector, but have moved across into the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Utility, and Food and Beverage sectors. New sectors provide new challenges, and this has required research and development into alternative cleaning processes. Our processes have expanded across the years to account for other items of equipment such as pumps, valves, extrusion equipment, heat exchange equipment, etc. The latest process addition is Pyrolysis for the removal of modern specialist chemical and temperature resistant polymers.

Whilst we have traditionally worked with the end-user to offer our services directly to industrial sectors, we have found recently a growing market working in partnership with various maintenance and service companies who are traditionally established on-site.

The beauty of this relationship is that these companies have already a good working relationship with their customers, they are familiar with the customers processes and it is easier for them to sell a new idea to the end-user.

Offering the PPSL services in conjunction with their own, allows them to become more involved with all aspects of service and maintenance, and provides them a wider remit to tackle previously challenging projects.

Some of the current projects with existing partners include:

We work closely with a company in Spain who offer a hydraulic fluid system service and maintenance programme. Items and components which they service, i.e. metallic lube oil filters and heat exchangers, are sent to PPSL for cleaning and testing as part of their new added service to their clients. They have also expanded their service offer into other areas of the clients facilities, enabling them to provide a fuller service and obtain more business. Such additional work include air intercoolers from a cement works, hydro-descaling nozzles from a steel works, and metallic filtration from incoming process water and steam for a dairy. This additional work has given them experience and creditability in these sectors allowing them to search for further business opportunities.

We have a good working partnership with a Northern Irish company who offer specialist pipe fabrication and installation services in the power generation, oil and gas and utility sectors. When their engineers are on site on a project, they look for other opportunities which can be sent to PPSL for processing. Items and components we have serviced for them include; descaling cooling water pipework, cleaning of cooling water intake screens, cleaning of sparge tubes, leaf-spring chains of weir gates, etc.

We have a partnership in the Republic of Ireland covering the medical device and plastics manufacturers who offer as part of their plant refurbishment of extrusion equipment. Our role in this is to clean the individual components on their behalf during shut-down maintenance such as extrusion screws and barrels, die heads, gear pumps, junction blocks and polymer melt filtration. This have provided a huge benefit in cost and time reduction as traditionally these jobs involved long hours of manual cleaning.


The benefit of having PPSL as a partner

  • wide experience in a range of industrial process equipment and industries
  • customer focused and optimized cleaning process specific to the needs of the user
  • taking advantage of our expertise in process engineering solutions to optimise processes and equipment, giving improved on-line performance
  • greatly reduced downtime through thermo-chemical processing avoiding lengthy manual refurbishment
  • greater business opportunities through the use of our specialist services
  • Cost Savings – Cleaning/refurbishment for reuse of filters and process equipment previously considered as disposable.