Leading temperature control provider, ICS Cool Energy, has chosen a combination of Viessmann boilers coupled with Weishaupt burners for its industry leading hire fleet, which can deliver fuel efficiencies of up to 94%.

Selected specifically for their build quality and robust designs, the chosen boilers and burners are supplied by market leading companies with a reputation for high standards and continuous innovation.

The Viessmann 270kW boilers come fitted with a Weishaupt pressure jet burner, circulation pump, shunt pump, mixing valve, expansion vessel, strainer, air separator and all necessary controls, together with monitoring and safety devices to allow remote boiler status and fuel level monitoring. The boilers also feature a combustion chamber that combines a larger water content with a three-pass system. This design enables longer burner run times, minimising burner switching intervals and resulting in cleaner combustion and low NOx emissions.

Alongside this, the reliable Weishaupt burners feature digital combustion management to provide constant and precise control of combustion ratios, maximising fuel efficiency and further reducing emissions.

Russ Baker, UK Sales Director of the hire division at ICS Cool Energy, says: “We are proud of our reliable, energy efficient and low emission fleet of hire boilers, and the components we use are integral to delivering this efficiency. Opting for Viessmann boilers and Weishaupt burners has allowed us to continue to offer high quality long-lasting solutions alongside fast response for a wide range of applications.”

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