Camfil Ireland is part of Camfil APC, one of the world’s largest manufacturer of dust, fume and mist collection equipment.

We take air quality seriously, and we always have done.

Introducing Camfil APC

As leaders in industrial the dust, fume and mist collection market, we have a clear objective. To reduce the harm caused by manufacturing and industrial processes.

Every process carried out by our clients creates some kind of dust, mist or fume. These can be harmful to your workers, and they can cause your machinery to become less efficient.

Our objective is to limit or prevent this harm by manufacturing, supplying and installing collectors and filtration systems. Using the latest manufacturing techniques, CNC production equipment, and a full commitment to quality control, Camfil APC (Europe) supports a huge range of industries all over the continent.

The Camfil APC Product Range

The Camfil APC range contains some of the world’s most advanced, well-engineered dust, mist and fume collectors.

Our products can be adapted to suit nearly any industrial process or market, with some of our collectors being specifically manufactured for a particularly demanding industry.

          Farr Gold Series (FGS)

Used by thousands of factories across six continents, the Farr Gold Series (FGS) cartridge dust and fume collector is our most adaptable and widely-used product.

Why choose the Farr Gold Series?

Premium Performance at an Affordable Price: A 25% smaller housing allows the FGS collector to provide efficient filtering performance without taking up too much valuable factory floor space, or too much of your budget.

Reliable and Efficient: The vertical filter design and Gold Cone cartridges provides efficient, effective pulsing of dust, while the unit has undergone a four stage pre-treatment process, before being powder coat painted to ensure unsurpassed weather and corrosion resistance.

Flexible: Over 30 unit options allow the Farr Gold Series dust collector to be adapted to any location, any industry and nearly any type of dust. Whatever issues dust causes for your processes, the FGS collector will solve your problem.

Modular: The Farr Gold Series can be customised to meet your exact requirements. A simple modular design allows Camfil APC to create a specific solution to your dust filtration and collection needs.

          Handte Oil Expert

Designed to remove and filter out harmful oil mist from your workplace environment, the Handte Oil Expert is precision engineered to handle even hazardous ultra-fine mists and fumes in the most challenging of conditions.

Why choose the Handte Oil Expert?

Highly Efficient: Designed to separate ultra-fine cooling liquid mists and fumes, the Handte Oil Expert can incorporate a HEPA final filter to provide collection efficiencies of 99.97% on particles of 0.3 microns in size.

Easy to Install, Easy to Use: The Oil Expert’s plug-and-play design ensures that the unit can be made operational quickly. A low-maintenance design with positive clamping technology allows for tool-free filter changes and easy upkeep.

Completely Reliable: Innovative in both system design and filter media, the Oil Expert will provide reliable operation around the clock. The unit can operate 24/7, with only limited downtime for filter changes and scheduled maintenance.

Modular: The modular design of the Handte Oil Expert allows for simple system expansion as the needs of your business grow. With capacities from 1200m3/h to over 40,000 m3/h, there is an Oil Expert configuration to meet all of your demands.

          Handte EM Profi

The Handte EM Profi is an industrial mist and coolant filtration system, designed to handle demanding milling, drilling, tapping, turning or grinding applications. Highly rated by clients and industry authorities alike, the Handte EM Profi was named Plant Engineering’s “Product of the Year” for 2015.

Why choose the Handte EM Profi?

Round-the-Clock Reliability: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Handte EM Profi will be hard at work providing cost effective operation. Thanks to an innovative self-cleaning system, the Handte EM Profi will operate continuously protecting your workforce, machine tool air intakes and air conditioning systems.

Market Leading Filtration: The Handte EM Profi’s multi-stage filtration system incorporates two stage de-mister technology and HEPA post filtration to ensure the highest filtration efficiency.

Simple to Operate: Your preferred EM Profi configuration is delivered in one piece with no on-site build-up required. Filter change indicators with ‘filter full’ indicators and large service doors make for easy filter inspection and replacement. 

The Handte EM Profi’s modular design combines optimal configuration possibilities with the minimum possible space requirements. This allows for system additions to adapt to the changing needs of your business.

Camfil APC Ireland

At Camfil Ireland we have a dedicated site service team tasked with maintaining and improving Dust Collection systems around Ireland. To find out more visit our website or contact us on 01-8484977