The new NVMV series Ex pendant light fittings from Cooper Crouse-Hinds are explosion protected light fittings in IEC metallic design, suitable for use in harsh or hazardous environments, particularly where there are high levels of moisture or dust, or where there is a risk of mechanical hazards or impact.

The luminaires are designed and approved in accordance with IEC/EN 60079, which covers the latest requirements for Ex apparatus.

The NVMV pendant light fittings can be installed as wall, ceiling or pole-mounted units, at low or medium heights. Their high degree of protection (IP66) and the large permissible ambient temperature range (-45°C to +55°C), mean they can be used in most harsh industrial environment.

Target applications for the new light fittings include chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food processing, grain, bakeries, oil refineries, waste water treatment plants, metal processing plants, coal plants, wood processing, marine and offshore platforms.