Global water, energy and maintenance solutions provider, NCH Europe, has released an improved version of K Plex White, a lubricant designed specifically for the food industry. Although lubrication is essential in reducing wear on equipment and risk of breakdowns, in the food industry, lubricants need to be food-safe and able to manage heavy loads and high levels of heat and friction.

Small bearings are often subject to heavy loads in the food industry. These heavy loads push the grease out, leaving the surface unlubricated and at risk of excess wear. K Plex White’s adhesive cohesive polymers are designed to keep the grease in place under heavy load conditions.

In an industry standard four-ball weld test, K Plex White was able to withstand loads of over 400 kg. The product also contains shock load reducers and extreme pressure (EP) additives to act as a cushion to minimise the stress, vibration and impact that occurs under heavy loads.

To tackle the heat and friction prevalent in the food industry including heat from ovens and motors, K Plex White remains in place in extreme temperatures, from –20 degrees Celsius to +140 degrees Celsius and can withstand intermittent temperatures of up to 200 degrees Celsius. K Plex White has an aluminium complex base. The heat reversion characteristics of such a base mean that the grease will revert to its normal consistency after being heated and cooled repeatedly.

“Hygiene levels are vital in the food industry,” explained Mark Burnett, VP of the Lubricants and Fuel Additives Innovation Platform of NCH Europe. “Maintenance engineers regularly clean the machines, but by using high powered steam and water jets, acids and corrosive chemicals, they can wash away grease, leaving the surfaces unprotected.

“K Plex White’s base and synergistic additive system including PTFE makes it ten times more resistant to water than standard greases. PTFE also further reduces friction and wear, helping to reduce working temperatures.”

While many food-grade lubricants achieve the H1 standard, meaning they are safe to be used in contact with food, they do so at the expense of performance. K Plex White is a non-staining food-grade grease, unlike many other food grade greases.

The product contains corrosion inhibitors, which form a protective barrier to block out the corrosive effects of acid cleaners and Omnistal which helps to prevent the grease from microbial degradation. These are extremely important additives to not only prolong the life of the grease but the metal surfaces it comes into contact with. 

If you would like any more information about lubricants for the food processing industry, contact our food industry specialists on +44 (0)1902 510200.