More than 85 per cent of stand space has already been sold for this year’s Medtec Ireland medical device ­manufacturing show which will include a conference ­programme and a series of workshops aimed at the ­country’s more than 200 medical technology companies

Held in Cork from 5th to 6th October at the the Radisson Blu Hotel, visitors can take advantage of an education programme which will address all the relevant industry topics.

On the show floor, visitors will see the latest developments in packaging equipment, materials and services; contract manufacturing/sub-contracting; testing and inspection equipment; raw materials; assembly, automation and manufacturing equipment; design engineering and R&D services and regulatory consulting and electronics.

“Ireland’s medical technology sector is one of the leading clusters for medical device and diagnostics product globally – indeed, it is the second largest exporter of medical products in Europe,” says James Meire, UK & Ireland event manager for Medtec Ireland organiser UBM Canon.

“Many of the world’s top medical technology companies have invested in Ireland, complemented by an indigenous group of R&D based companies. It is this concentration of expertise, plus the burgeoning synergy between pharmaceutical and medical device companies, which makes this year’s show such an exciting prospect and irresistible to anyone looking to maintain effective and efficient manufacturing and supply chain processes.”

A series of conferences will provide medical device professionals with insight into key topics of the day including: How to succeed with innovation; Guidance through the regulatory maze; Risk management and product development for start-up companies. Medtec Ireland’s education programme also includes a series of workshops on The 510 (K) pre-market notification process and EU medical law; Building an effective design and process validation programme; Product developments, the FDA approval process and Risk management.

Exhibiting this year Boddingtons (220) will showcase its ‘the complete’ injection moulding device and component manufacturing service, from development, tooling manufacture through to design for manufacture and high volume production.

CLS (103), will showcase its cGMP-approved analytical chemistry and microbiology testing using compendial test methods/customer specific test methods, ICH /FDA Guidelines or relevant ISO Standard. Capabilities include stability storage, subsequent testing as per ICH guidelines and provisions for performing batch release testing and subsequent QP release as per EEC Directive 75/319/EEC.

The Carbon Group (304) will highlight its a range of fine chemicals, solvents and natural ingredients from global producers. It also has contract manufacturing capabilities and expertise, with on-site facilities for blending (both wet and powder products), packaging and storage of chemical and solvent formulations. The company supplies a wide range of industrial chemicals, sanitisers and detergents.

EFD (307) will showcase its tabletop dispensing robots which operate in processes where assembly fluids like adhesives, lubricants and silicones must be applied. Nordson EFD also introduces the PicoDot Jet dispensing systems to apply adhesives, coatings and other assembly fluids in smaller, more ­precise amounts at speeds up to 150 dots per second.

The 1900 Series industrial workstations from LaserStar (208) suit a range of metal joining, complex assembly, automation and repair applications. The portable units have removable welding chambers designed to be custom configured and high precision motion devices are engineered to integrate into the chamber. The industrial workstations are available as a compact benchtop or pedestal workstation.

The MGS Mfg. Group (315), provider of engineered manufacturing solutions for the plastics industry offers engineering, design, mould making, injection moulding, value-added operations, specialty equipment and automation technologies. The group has opened a facility in Leixlip, providing multishot (multiple material) moulding services through use of MGS Universal Multishot Systems equipment line.

High performance medical tubing from MicroLumen (411) is customised for critical applications and low-invasive medical devices. Typical applications include cardiovascular and urological catheters, stent deployment and drug delivery systems.

Nitto Kohki (401) will exhibit its new liquid pumps – Bimor and DPE. The piezo electric Bimor pump series has no mechanical moving parts, said to result in unsurpassable lifetimes even whilst pumping corrosive materials. The DPE pump is a new range of DC-powered liquid diaphragm pumps that incorporate a patented pulse-absorption system offering a smoother flow as needed for high accuracy gas and patient monitoring systems.

Premier Machine Tools (318) exhibits its CNC machine tools, carbide cutting tools and metrology equipment.

The new design of the Werth (301) ScopeCheck CMM increases the standard of performance for shopfloor measurement. A central feature basic to all Werth ScopeCheck CMMs is an image-processing sensor with customised software designed for dimensional metrology for the transmitted and incident light measurement. The range of applications can be expanded by integrating additional sensors.

Teleflex Medical OEM (319), is a full service medical product development and outsourcing business which now offers in-house regulatory support services for the licensing and registration of medical products. On the stand, Teleflex Medical OEM will be able to discuss PTFE (polytetraflouroethylene) spiral heat-shrink tubing that provides a protective covering resistant to heat, shock, corrosion, moisture, and other extremes. The company’s new EFEP co-extrusion eliminates the need for etching. The co-extrusion has outstanding chemical resistance and very high clarity, making it a suitable for applications where transparency is important.