Integrated Device Technology (IDT) has introduced a new family of magnetic induction wireless power transmitters designed for the next generation of wireless charging products, delivering greater flexibility and ease of use while reducing overall development cost through a high level of integration.  As an expansion to an existing broad portfolio of products, the ultra-compact transmitters feature low electromagnetic interference (EMI) and high efficiency, making them ideal for a wide variety of applications, including wearables, smart phones and furniture.

The P9235 and P9236 transmitters are compliant with the latest Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi standard, while the P9234 is a Power Matters Alliance (PMA)-compliant device. IDT is also introducing a proprietary-mode device, the P9231, which operates at up to 1MHz of resonance frequency, allowing for a smaller coil.  To complete the product offering, IDT’s P9230 is a dual-mode transmitter, supporting both WPC and PMA standards. Collectively, the P923x family addresses all of the various WPC low-power coil configurations.

Featuring an integrated 32-bit ARM Cortex-M0 processor, the P923x family offers a high level of programmability and flexibility while consuming ultra-low standby power to meet Energy Star requirements.  The transmitters span input voltages ranging from 4.0 V to 21 V and target applications requiring from 0.5 to 10W of power. In addition, the devices offer a high level of integration, including all digital and analog functions, which minimises the number of external components while reducing overall system cost.

“Our customers are designing wireless power transmitters into a wide variety of applications such as mobile phone charging pad stations and wearable applications,” said Arman Naghavi, vice president and general manager of the Analog and Power Division at IDT. “This new line of transmitters offers them greater programmability, ease of use and reduced overall development cost for faster product introduction.”

Available immediately are:

· The P9235, a full-bridge, single coil device, compliant with WPC A5/A11, QFN5X5-40

· The P9236, a half-bridge, single and multi-coil configuration, QFN6X6-48

Available soon are:

· The P9230, a half-bridge dual-mode chip compliant with WPC A1/A10 and PMA type 3 configurations

· The P9231, designed for proprietary mode applications, including wearables

· The P9234, a PMA-compliant transmitter

These latest transmitters join the rapidly growing portfolio of IDT wireless power technology already designed in to cutting-edge consumer products, including wearables and standalone smart phone charging stations.