The Bergquist Company has combined high thermal conductivity with high conformability in its latest Gap Pad HC 3.0 gap filler, creating a high-performance thermal material for applications where low assembly stress is a must.

Hard-working components such as ASICs and DSPs can now run cooler in electronic equipment such as telecom linecards and consumer products, using the new highly compliant Gap Pad HC 3.0 to eliminate insulating air gaps without placing excessive stress on the PCB or fragile component I/Os. Gap Pad HC 3.0 can also be inserted between electronic modules and heatsinks to maximise thermal dissipation. The gap filler is available in sheet form or as die-cut pads in thicknesses from 0.508mm to 3.175mm.

Gap Pad HC 3.0 achieves low thermal impedance at low pressures by combining a unique 3.0 W/m-K filler package and low-modulus resin. The material has shore hardness of 15, and thermal impedance as low as 0.57 °C-in2/W at 10% deflection (1mm-thick sample in standard test fixture). As well as minimising assembly stress, high conformability also ensures excellent interfacing and wetting-out against a variety of surfaces including those with high roughness or topography.

In addition, natural inherent tack on one side of Gap Pad HC 3.0 further enhances thermal efficiency by eliminating any need for an adhesive layer. The top side has minimal tack for ease of handling. Gap Pad HC 3.0 is supplied with protective liners on both sides.