Powerstax, specialist provider of highly optimised power sources, has introduced a new series of advanced DC-DC converter products. Housed in industry standard 1/2 brick packages format, with either 24VDC or 48VDC input buses, the members of the H0331 series are highly suited to incorporation within industrial, telecommunications and data networking systems.

Thanks to power densities reaching 10.3W/cm3 (169W/inch³), these units are highly effective at maximising the output power delivered in modern, space constrained systems designs. They are able to provide output levels of 336W/21A and their ultra-low leakage inductance magnetics allow power efficiency figures of between 88% and 90%, depending on operating conditions.

The H0331 series’ multi-layer single side PCB construction, with aluminium based sink-plate technology, facilitates rapid dissipation of heat. This significantly improves reliability – with an MTBF of 4.1Mhrs resulting. Available in both open-frame and fully enclosed options, the series complies with IEC60950-1 and EN 61000 standards. A wide operational temperature range, covering -50°C to 110°C, is supported.