Ball transfers allow the smooth and effortless movement of loads in any direction. There is a wide choice of types and brands available in the UK but what makes the new ISB range from R. A. Rodriguez stand is their suitability for use in clean room applications such as semiconductor and pharmaceutical production.

Newly added to the R. A. Rodriguez engineering components range, the ISB ball transfers comprise a large, tempered ball bearing which sits on 100 – 200 smaller balls with minimal frictional resistance. They are available as pressed and moulded units for light loads and precision machined for heavy loads; the border line between the two is 500 kg.

Made from a variety of advanced composites – including scratch-free DuPont Vespel, PBI and PEEK for handling glass substrates – the electrically conductive ISC Series has been developed specifically for clean room and hygienic production. They are already extensively used in flat panel and photovoltaic production lines and also in electronic and pharmaceutical manufacture Asia-wide. Custom ball transfers are also available.

R. A. Rodriguez has now introduced these proven products to the UK. Several variations are available within the ISC range offering different design or performance characteristics. This makes them suitable for specific applications such as wet and dry processes; mother glass trimming in LCD manufacture; optical measurement where minimal light reflection is critical, vacuum chambers and high temperature applications over 200?C.

The choice of the best ISC ball transfer for the job is determined by the characteristics needed, its operating environment, the materials in which the unit will come into contact and the travel distance and speed required. R. A. Rodriguez technical sales will guide the specifier through the selection process.

All ISC types are ‘ball up’ units with the exception of IPK which is an all resin ‘ball down’ version that acts as a type of caster. Completing the range are air ball lifters for alignment and positioning of heavy equipment in clean rooms; the choice includes single piston and double piston versions.