North Star Imaging UK is located in High Wycombe at the European Head office of Instron

Our laboratory provides industrial DR (digital radiography) and CT (computed tomography) services for:

  • Internal measurements
  • 3D CAD comparisons
  • Void and/or porosity analysis
  • Surface reconstructions for reverse engineering
  • Finite Element Analysis
  • Failure Analysis

At North Star Imaging, you can expect quick turnaround times without sacrificing quality. We provide 2D and 3D inspection services to virtually anyone needing to verify the integrity of internal components, materials or dimensions. Our X-ray technology non-destructively reveals internal structures.

The “inside view” that our team produces with real-time X-ray inspection and CT scanning is unparalleled, because we not only provide services, we also design X-ray systems and develop our efX software in house.

From new product development to process development to quality control, 2D and 3D X-ray technology saves time and money throughout the product lifecycle. A thorough “inside view” reduces the need to add costly material to a component. It also confirms the component is done right the first time. Truly understanding the inside of a component reduces the need for destructive process and other quality control testing.

The UK lab houses our most universal and flexible X-ray CT system, the X5000™, capable of scanning parts up to 32” (81cm) by 48” (121cm) at X-ray energies up to 240kV. Our lab also works closely with our NSI lab in France. The lab in France houses an X50 with a 160kV transmission tube and an X5000 dual tube/ dual detector system capable of scanning at X-ray energies up to 450kV.

Throughout the month of April, we are offering a free X-ray CT scan to all new customers(these must be companies who have never dealt with NSI UK before and are based in the UK or Ireland).  The scan must be possible with the X5000, 240kV system we have at NSI UK and our standard deliverables will be included.

Therefore, if you have considered X-ray CT before as a method of inspection but are yet to give it a try now’s your chance!!


Please contact Guy Tolley,, 0044 7557034195 for more information about our services and to discuss any potential applications.

Other recent releases from NSI include:


Introducing the X3000 DR & CT X-ray System

A Compact System with Huge Capabilities

The X3000 system has just been released by North Star Imaging as an answer to customers needing a compact system with unique capabilities generally available on a larger X-ray or CT system.

The system has a cabinet dimension of 103.5 in (Width) x 51.9 in (Depth) x 79 in (Height). It has X-ray energies from 10 to 240 kV and a geometric image magnification of up to >3000x.

The X3000 is North Star Imaging’s newest standard system. The small footprint along with optional independent horizontal (x-axis) travel of the tube and detector allow for unparalleled inspection capabilities of an elongated object. The system is great for composites, castings, pipes, tubes, welds and similar parts.


robotiX™ for Automatic Loading & Unloading for Product X-Ray Scanning

robotiX is a new add-on device that can be incorporated into standard and existing NSI X-ray & Computed Tomography (CT) systems for automatic part loading and unloading.

robotiX uses a simple interface that allows end-users to easily create new robotic motion control programs. These programs allow for reusable safe zone sub-routines that speed up the programming process to ensure that your NSI X-ray or CT system is up and running quickly when programming new parts for loading/unloading.

Adding robotiX to your NSI system reduces cycle time, increases productivity and allows for more efficient use of your equipment.



About North Star Imaging, Inc (NSI)

North Star Imaging designs systems, develops software, and manufactures X-ray and CT equipment near Minneapolis, MN USA.  The company built its first digital radiography system in 1991.  In 2006, North Star Imaging founded the Inspection Services Group offering need-based consulting to anyone needing X-ray and/or computed tomography scanning.  In 2010, North Star Imaging was acquired by ITW, a global company with 51,000 employees across 56 countries. In 2012, North Star Imaging Europe opened in Paris, France, and doubled the size of its facility near Minneapolis.  North Star Imaging is ISO 9001:2008 certified.  For more information about North Star Imaging, please contact us at