Ilpak’s new Delta 4000/3SS is a high speed flowrapper with its own integrated zipper solution. It is designed to offer manufacturers flexibility combined with high throughputs, excellent pack presentation and easy open/reclose features in addition to modified atmosphere packaging and hermetic sealing for products such as cheese, sausages and sliced meat. The Delta 4000/3SS produces high quality, hermetically sealed, zipper packs in a three sided seal and stand up formats, allowing maximum impact on the supermarket shelf.

The Delta 4000/3SS was exhibited at this year’s PPMA exhibition along with Ilpak’s electronic Carrera 1000/40 said to cut packing costs and maximises production line efficiency for fresh produce such as delicate fruits and vegetables. Being difficult to handle products, these have traditionally required a tray. The Carrera 1000/40’s technology reduces packaging material waste and weight by eliminating the need for an acetate tray, whilst maintaining high production efficiency.

The machine is designed to delicately handle unsupported fruit, whilst dramatically reducing the extent that the fruit moves around throughout the packing process.