According to Piab, piFLOW™ is easy to use without compromising on technical performance. It is designed with a full opening, making it possible to maximise powder or granule throughput and increase production. It is a cost efficient alternative not only from a capacity point of view, but also in comparison with mechanical conveying methods. The full opening gives an instant discharge, i.e. increased material throughput. Its design makes it very suitable for integration in general industrial applications. “The new piFLOW™ design makes it possible to double the conveying capacity for many materials compared to traditional conveyors,” says Josef Ramslöv, Vice President, Material Handling Division. “This allows the customer to implement a very cost efficient solution.” Like all other conveying machines that Piab offers the market – piFLOW™ is ATEX Dust classified. piFLOW™ is equipped with COAX® cartridges which offer high performance low energy ratio, according to Piab.

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