Time is a scarce resource in today’s world of project work. Software tools and services help you to save time and increase productivity. Regardless of whether you are an engineer, a purchasing manager or commissioning technician, we provide you with support throughout your entire value chain.

But how do you get the support you need from Festo?
That’s easy: we have analysed project workflows, defined eight phases and allocated our tools and services to these phases.
You can thus see at a glance which tool or service will simplify your work.

Increase your productivity with our services and software tools. Take the first step with Phase 1 “Make contact”.

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Phase 2: Faster conceptualisation

With the new Product Finder it is even easier to find the right product by searching for specific features – now also available for vision systems, inductive sensors or certifications.

Forget about time-consuming searches for the product characteristics that you need. Are you looking for Festo components with UL certification so that you can export your machine to North America? Or for valves with degree of protection IP67? No problem.

You will find our Product Finder in the product catalogue above the products.

Phase 3: Easier design

Do you work with CAD data on a daily basis or do you need to create circuit diagrams?
Our PARTdataManager gives you quick and easy access to the 2D and 3D data for over 32,000 Festo products. The new 2017 version includes the latest interfaces such as Inventor 2017 or SolidEdge ST8, direct CAD access to suitable accessories as well as component searches and geometric comparisons.

Interested? Find out all about PARTdataManager here and download the 2017 version.

Phase 4: Reliable procurement

Do you know all the functions of our Online Shop?

You can track orders, download order documents online, generate Excel parts lists with data such as custom numbers (export), import parts lists or create stock labels for small parts such as fittings in no time at all.

Find out more and check out our short tutorials on the right-hand side of the web page.

Phase 5: Easy assembly

Our ready-to-install solution service saves you time and money – and not just in the assembly phase.

Assembly made easy – examples for the Festo ready-to-install solutions service.

Ideal for engineers: when downloading the 3D CAD model, you can for example create a PDF drilling template for fast installation of a valve terminal in a control cabinet.

You can find an example of a drilling template here. Just click on the CAD/EPLAN tab.

Phase 6: Commissioning

Do you want to configure and commission or quickly convert to a different function? Commissioning is now faster and easier thanks to written application notes and/or service2see films. Both media provide fast and detailed answers to common questions.
It couldn’t be easier:
· Visit Festo Support Portal
· Under “Search”, enter the product name, e.g. CMMO
· Select the “Expert knowledge” tab
If there are application notes or service2see films for this product, you will find them here.
– Interested? You can find an example of an application notes here.
– And an example of a service2see video here.
– You can find out all about commissioning support here.

Phase 7: Reliable operation

Has your system been at a standstill for an unnecessarily long time because you are having difficulty finding the right spare part for a configured product such as a valve terminal or service unit quickly? Now there is a solution to your problem. With the spare parts catalogue it takes just a few steps to get a complete breakdown of your configured products right down to the very last detail and you can re-order them directly too.

Interested? See how it works here.

Phase 8: Energy-efficient modernisation

Do you suspect that your system is consuming more and more air? Do you want to know roughly by how much you can reduce your energy costs just by shortening the tubing length, selecting a smaller cylinder drive or implementing the return stroke with less pressure?

Find out here.