Developed for use in hygienically sensitive areas, Mettler Toledo’s new food scales are suitable for a variety of manual weighing tasks. The ICS range is designed to make operation, maintenance and traceability simple and secure. This results in faster, more transparent processing, as well as compliance with food industry standards.

The open, stainless-steel construction and double-sealed displays ensure the scales can withstand regular high pressure wash-down.

A small footprint and portable design provide versatility and colorWeight-enabled displays improve operator throughput by giving immediate feedback if a portion is over- or under-tolerance. Every model is ergonomic for reduced operator strain during repetitive tasks, compact and said to require less space than similar systems, portable with built-in battery and WLAN for quick pick-up-and-go, rugged to withstand tough industrial environments, configurable for easy process integration, hygienically designed to allow fast and thorough cleaning, and has audit-quality recordkeeping with alibi/calibration logs. The units are available with three ­terminal-mounting options – compact, column mounted or separate weigh terminal.

Intuitive keypad and display screen choices range from basic digital readouts to full-colour graphics.

Multiple language options further enhance ease of use and processing speed.