Reliability of your formulation process is always a recurring challenge in the production of food and beverage products but this could be simplified using Mettler Toledo’s networked software solution FormWeigh.Net.

The company believes the software helps to produce high quality products based on secure and simple manageable recipes. The combination of powerful formulation software and reliable weighing technology guarantees security and traceability for each recipe together with efficient user guidance.

FormWeigh.Net V2.0, the new release of the dispensing and formulation system is designed to streamline and stabilise dispensing and formulation tasks. It also improves process efficiency and maximises production yield.

Key elements include the clear and easy to understand dialogue of the user terminal with the operator in the dispensing and formulation area. Security features, such as barcode verification scans and traceability, are available. Recipe details, order data and executed work steps are stored in the centralised database to be retrieved at any time for monitoring and reporting.

FormWeigh.Net V2.0 runs on personal computers as well as rugged industrial terminals, suitable for wet, harsh and hygienic sensitive areas.

If used in regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical or nutraceutical production, FormWeigh.Net can be enhanced with additional functionality to achieve compliance with food regulations. Validation according to GAMP5 (Good Automated Manufacturing Practice) requirements is also available. It can also be linked to ERP systems for automatic and error-free exchange of order and stock data.