Using the latest innovation, a new Micro-Core® technology for smaller or uniquely challenging applications. The concept of how it works remains unchanged, combined with equally effective cooling performance found in Climate Wizard’s other commercial models, such as the CW-P15, CW-H15 and CW-80.

CW3 provides hyper-efficient cooling of outside air and up to 80 per cent lower cooling energy costs, compared to equivalent reverse cycle systems, with the added benefit of supplying 100 per cent fresh, cool air into the building, increasing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

CW3 delivers incredible part load performance due to its inverter technology fans. The CW3 contains an on-board sophisticated control system that ensures peak efficiency during all operating conditions.

Designed to meet the cooling and fresh air requirements of buildings across many sectors, particularly where there is constant access by customers or occupants, spaces constantly open to outdoors or where doors are frequently opening and closing.

Seeley coolers are designed for applications with zero or minimal re-circulation requirement, so effectively purging the space of pollutants, dust and germs. This is especially helpful as an aid against Covid-19.

Using only water and electricity, Climate Wizard will not have you in a quandary about refrigerant legislation. We cool wisely with water and no synthetic refrigerants or chemicals to harm the environment.  With the added benefit of being able to use rain water to run the cooling cycle and the facility to utilise any waste water for grey water (irrigation, fire tanks, toilet flushing), this makes for a very carbon friendly, low water usage solution.

That’s not only great for reducing energy bills, it’s also great for the environment. So when you consider your company’s return to work, think about enthusing your employees with confidence, be a Climate Wizard!

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