SKF has announced the introduction of a new high temperature, harsh environment food grade grease known as LGED 2. This grease uses a PFPE oil in combination with a PTFE thickener and is registered as NSF H1. 

The advantages of LGED 2 include its excellent oxidation resistance, extremely low evaporation losses at high temperature, good corrosion resistance, plus its longevity in aggressive environments.

SKF LGED 2 features a wide operating temperature range from -30 °C to +240 °C. It is suitable for extreme applications,such as wafer-baking ovens in the food industry or applications exposed to vacuum or high concentrations of oxygen.  

SKF LGED 2 is also appropriate in other non-food-related applications, such as oxygen valves in the steel industry or health institutions, dryers in the textile industry, and the lubrication of plastic and/or rubber surfaces.