Since Stabilus produced the first production gas spring in 1963 the market has demanded technological advances to fulfil specific applications.

Working with customers on an ever expanding Project Range, Stabilus have continued to develop new products and features to meet the customer’s needs, which is one of the reasons why they are now the worlds leading Gas Spring Manufacturers.

T. Cole & Son are the Local Irish Partners of Stabilus and can offer the full range of products available, as well as Factory backed Technical support. 

This Technical support can prove invaluable to customer’s looking to develop a new project or enhance an on-going project to improve the functionality. 

T. Cole & Son-Stabilus can work with customer designs and advise on the best Gas Spring or Damper to suit the project requirements.  This can help reduce design time and costs as opposed to customers using a “Trial and error” approach, which is both costly and time consuming.

With their Local base in Carrickfergus Northern Ireland, T. Cole & Son-Stabilus customers can also benefit from local stocking facilities on their most used parts,to suit heir needs, with on-time supply when required, and local account management.

Some of the Technical Specail Features introduced by Stabilus include….

Lift-O-Mat… with dynamic damping whose damping properties are determined primarily through a groove in the pressure cylinder. By reducing or increasing the groove cross section, the speed of motion can be varied over the entire stroke. Thus, the motion can be slowed down continuously until it comes almost to a stop.

The Lift-O-Mat DD works regardless of its orientation thereby approaching any position comfortably without stressing hinges and joints.

Lift-O-Mat PTL… is a gas spring with an additional internal mechanical lock in the compressed position and was designed particularly for raising monitors and storage areas out from desk tops.

Similar to the ball point pen principle the lock can be released by a light push; the gas spring then extends by itself at a controlled rate. Beside the force support function, Lift-O-Mat PTL features an end position stop thereby eliminating the need for additional fixing elements. At the same time, Lift-O-Mat PTL is easy and comfortable to use.

Lift-o-Mat Hydro-Lift… features a valve in its piston, which, in addition to user optimised force support, allows the flap to hold in any position. Controlled by a coil spring, the valve holds the position until a defined pressure, which is applied to the object by hand, opens the valve. The extension force is specified in such a manner that the gas spring does not extend by itself. Depending on the design of the Hydro-Lift, the hold function can be active across the entire adjustment range or in one or more partial ranges of the application.


Even with lockable gas springs, the Stabilus Bloc-O-Lift range has many variants for specific application requirements.

Bloc-O-Lift OBT was designed specifically for Hospital Over Bed Tables where the extension force is finally tuned to balance the weight of the table top. The top can be raised by hand with very little effort and without the need for release to be deactivated. This avoids the chance of the patient’s legs being trapped or the table being tipped over if the bed was inadvertently raised. The table will remain locked in the compression direction until released by the actuation button or lever.

Bloc-O-Lift T is mainly for the height adjustment of tables. This has a particularly flat spring characteristic curve providing an almost even force over the entire stroke. It also has a higher ratio of stroke per given closed length when compared with a standard gas spring. Therefore, coffee table to dining table or dining table to stand height table ranges can easily be met. Furthermore, the Bloc-O-Lift T can be assembled in the application either way up allowing for either hand or foot release.

T. Cole and Son- Stabilus can offer all of the above and much, much more to help you with your projects, including making Gas Springs to any size required.

If you need any advice, technical assistance or require replacement Stabilus Gas Springs or Dampers contact T. Cole & Son – Stabilus on: