Moody’s new Retford-based service centre was officially opened yesterday by Paul Moody, Chairman of the Moody Group of Companies in front of staff and customers.

The new facility is the UK’s most modern plate heat exchanger service centre, and represents a significant financial investment by the Retford-based group.

Plate heat exchangers are used for heating, cooling, and pasteurising many everyday food products such as milk, fruit juice, and beer. Their maintenance and testing is critical to maintaining food manufacturing hygiene standards.

The new Moody Heat Exchangers business extends the current customer offering of Moody Direct Spares and Service, who are already one of the largest suppliers of process equipment spare parts and maintenance service engineers to dairy, food, brewing, beverage and home and personal care manufacturing companies.

Before performing the official ribbon cutting ceremony, Paul Moody welcomed guests from a crosssection of processing industries commenting that “….the opening of our new plate heat exchanger service facility is part of our groups £0.5M investment this year that has created 10 new jobs”.

A number of staff were also presented with long-service awards in recognition of their 10, 20, and 25 years of loyal service to the company.

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