Startling research published in 2015 has shown that the United Kingdom has topped a poll on which country wastes the most food in Europe. This unfortunate accolade was bestowed, following research carried out by waste recycling and waste management service ReFood and it highlights what is becoming a growing concern amongst consumers and businesses alike.

According to Government statistics, 7.2 million tonnes of food and drink is thrown away in the UK every year – the majority of which could have been eaten – collectively costing the the consumer £12 billion per year. Furthermore, the national food industry waste is estimated to cost £5 billion per year.

As part of the effort being carried out to reduce food waste, tesa has developed an innovative packaging solution; tesa Lift & Reseal technology. 

This high-tech tape was created for the effective reclosure of flexible packaging and is now in use around the world, with major retailers and brand owners specifying the system on a wide range of products and pack sizes, from small, high value snacks to economy budget products.

Referring to the benefits of tesa Lift & Reseal Peter Spencer, tesa’s Specialist Segment Manager, Manufacturing said, “Where other tapes provide limited reclosure, tesa Lift & Reseal is designed to efficiently close packs more than 20 times, allowing consumers to reseal film-based food packs for the product’s lifetime. The tape strip remains adhesive all the way down as the packaging reduces in size and remains effective even if the adhesive face becomes dusty, thus retaining the quality and freshness of the food items and reducing food wastage.”

Peter continued, “The issue of food waste is obviously not just confined to the UK; European Parliament has established its own targets and the EU Commission has set out a resource efficiency roadmap, which foresees a 50% reduction in food waste, to be achieved by 2025. With our tesa® Lift & Reseal product being fast adopted worldwide, we are hoping that we can play a part in helping to deliver these targets.”

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