Does your market demand standardised yet highly flexible systems? Not forgetting rapid changeover times and low adjustment costs?
We can show you how to combine flexibility and standardisation and give your system an edge over the competition – using the Festo Motion Terminal. For the first time ever , you can change the functions of a valve using software, via apps, without changing the hardware.
Adjust your systems quickly and cost effectively at the touch of a button and benefit from improved energy efficiency, overall equipment effectiveness and built-in knowledge protection.
Click here to find out how the Festo Motion Terminal can help you shape the production of the future. Festo Motion Terminal
Changing functions at the touch of a button
Our motion apps allows you to change functions at the touch of a button! Use one piece of hardware for functions that previously required over 50 individual components. Our motion app provides you with unimagined flexibility as well as standardisation be it for one of 9 standard valve types or proportional flow of pressure regulators as well as complete tasks such as smoothly moving into the end position, Soft Stop or presetting of travel time.

Reducing energy consumption at the touch of a button

A comprehensive approach to energy efficiency, apps for diagnostics and functions that autonomously counteract wear and external influences for greater Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE).


Recognising the benefits: from the design to the modernisation of your machine
The Festo Motion Terminal offers you benefits throughout the entire value chain. Click on the process chain and see for yourself which benefits the Festo Motion Terminal offers for each process step. Knowledge protection is integrated thanks to function assignment per motion app.