Beacons and Sounders are an important part of our industrial, retail and leisure landscape.  Many of you will be now be familiar with the flashing lights to be found on the automated check outs at certain well known supermarkets and DIY stores where they are installed to alert a supervisor to a problem with the checkout procedure.

However, the principal areas of application for beacons and sounders can be described thus:

To warn visually and audibly of a change in the status of a machine or piece of equipment or serve to advise that it might safe to proceed or not, or to call for action and assistance to resolve an issue which has arisen.

Design Considerations

An important question for a machine designer or equipment operator to address is “what sort of beacon or sounder do I need”.  What criteria are important to be considered?  Although the basic answer is quite simple it can then lead to a wider discussion on design/style and individual preference!

What voltage?/what dB rating for the sound output?/what colour of light?/how many?/should the lights flash?/style and design of the beacon

These are just a few of the considerations before moving on into the area of electronic control and addressing such issues perhaps as:

USB connectivity/remote triggering of the device/wireless connectivity/ASI interface.

And finally there is the very important aspect of critical applications governed by external approval boards such as:

ATEX/Ex for explosion proof devices/Hygiene regulations governing the wet food processing industry and even for example, civil aviation requirements for aircraft obstruction beacons on low level buildings.

WERMA has the answers

Thanks to the vast range of products and options available WERMA will have the answer to even the most diverse or arduous application.  With over 60 years expertise in the design and manufacture of signal devices at the headquarters in Southern Germany WERMA is proud to be the leading manufacturer and supplier in Europe.

More than just an electric bulb

Although signal devices are in essence little more than a simple electronic device to emit light and sound the vast range of features and designs available make the product range offered by WERMA a likely source for a solution for just about any application.  But it still leaves the customer with the problem of looking for and selecting the right solution for the application.

On line selection tools available

One of the most innovative tools available is the unique WERMA signal tower and traffic light configurator available on the website  The modular range of signal towers and traffic lights have a vast range of options available and the intuitive selection process asks at each stage of the selection process simple application questions the answer to which then shows the options available for you to choose from.

Listen to the sounder options

If you are not sure about the type of sound you want for the device you are considering you can listen to a recording of the sound output by selecting a device part number on the website and listening to the playback.

If you cannot find the sound you want why not consider our innovative vocal element which is essentially an MP3 player through which you can record any audio file, or record your own message, and play back through the device.

Design Options – aesthetically pleasing options

Werma has responded to the increasing demand in recent years to offer products which blend in more harmoniously with the equipment upon which the device might be mounted or environment in which it is situated.  The trick here though is to provide a product which meets the overall equipment design considerations but still achieves the principal objective of warning loudly and clearly!

Signal towers, the most popular type of beacon are now available in a variety of designs to suit diverse applications and WERMA also offers a custom design service for very specific applications.

With a range of sounders with multitone choices and volume adjustable device up to 120dB output most bases can be covered.

Maintenance free light options

LEDs have been around for a considerable time now and WERMA ensures that only the highest quality LEDs are used in its products allowing virtually maintenance free operation with product life of typically up to 100,000 hours.

Many operations which have been using signal lights fitted with incandescent bulbs now realise that, although they will be a capital outlay in replacing these old lights with new LED equivalents, the payback in reduce maintenance costs and reduced power consumption using LEDs is clear cut.

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