Vanton Pump has introduced a close-coupled, magnetically-driven thermoplastic centrifugal pump. The pump is a sealless, single-stage, volute-type centrifugal design with fluid contact components moulded of homogenous polypropylene or PVDF. These stand-alone, chemically inert, abrasion-resistant thermoplastic components eliminate pinpoint porosity, substrate separation and wear associated with plastic lined pumps.

An addition to the company’s CHEM-GARD line of conventionally coupled CGM magnetically driven pumps, the close-coupled CGMC design reduces overall length by around 20 per cent, allowing placement in restricted spaces typically in replacement and OEM applications.

Permanent rare earth magnets transmit power, with the inner magnet rotor assembly encapsulated in thick-walled thermoplastic. A non-metallic ­containment can assembly reduces losses in magnetic force and pump efficiency by eliminating troublesome eddy currents.

Available with ANSI centerline suction and ­discharge, the pump allows removal for maintenance without disturbing existing piping, and can accommodate standard C-face motors.

The thermoplastic wet end is encased by ­structural metal armour protected by a chemical resistant epoxy coating, enabling the pump to ­withstand hostile environments and tolerate the same nozzle loadings as metal pumps.

Vanton Pump offers other horizontal centrifugal thermoplastics pumps, vertical centrifugal thermoplastic sump pumps, sealless peristaltic pumps, and integrated non-metallic tank/pump systems.