'TR Southern Fasteners, one of Ireland’s leading manufacturers and ­distributors of industrial fasteners and associated components, will be launching a new plastic products range for PCB Hardware and Cable Management requirements this spring. Combining functionality and ­reliability, plastic is set to become a core part of TR’s expansive fastener portfolio, as branch manager Dara Horgan explains

Horgan says: “We are responding to customer demand particularly from the electronics sector for an alternative to metal, without compromising on quality. As our range has increased over the years so have our sales and TR Southern Fasteners has grown 12 per cent in the last year as a result. The latest new plastics range will play a pivotal role in our continued growth.”

Plastic has extensive benefits which help efficiency and productivity in production processes. Not only can one fastener be used for a variety of purposes, but plastic also has other qualities, including ease of use, strength at low and high temperature and resistance to impact. Plus it is lightweight.

Targeting PCB Hardware and Cable Management requirements, the range includes spacers and pillars, support post series, circuit board supports, nylon screws and rivets, cable ties and accessories and adhesive bases. Manufactured in high-performance and incredibly versatile Nylon 6 and Nylon 6/6, all products meet with the necessary industry standards and sizes, satisfy the RoHS compliance (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) legislation, are ISO 14001/2004 compliant and available in flame-retardant versions.

This new range addresses a multitude of application needs, including consumer goods, marine and contract manufacturing industries owing to the fasteners’ versatility, but is especially beneficial in the electronics and telecoms industry, such as ATM machines, PCs, laptops and mobile phones, as well as in lighting. In such applications, with their closely grouped electrical components, plastic fasteners offer the ideal solution as they are a non-conductive material.

TR’s supply capacity for the new range will meet small and frequent orders right up to large contract accounts, catering for next-day delivery on all standard stock items, non standard is seven to 10 days. Customised solutions and tooling for new parts are available on request.

Furthermore, the new plastic fasteners will be available on Direct Line Feed as a standard item to help customers’ production needs and reduce their supplier numbers.

“We help clients increase their profits by tailoring the most efficient solution for them. Providing local customer care and service is one of our key strengths” explains Horgan.

'Established in 1973, TR Southern Fasteners has grown from three to 12 employees and prides itself in employing local people and having low staff turnover.  The company prides itself in manufacturing studbolts to order on-site at its Mallow facility and is now focusing on developing the market share in its region of Munster and Connaught.

'As part of the TR Fastenings group, TR Southern Fasteners is supported by extensive global resources and manufacturing operations in the UK and Asia. This combination allows the company to supply a vast range of fasteners and associated components to small, medium and large Irish manufacturers and engineering subcontractors, while meeting each individual company’s needs. Customers come from many different industries, including electronics, automotive, IT, home appliances, security, medical and general industry, and the plastics range will be offered alongside the core products already sold, including general fasteners (nuts, bolts, screws and washers) and TR branded products, such as self-clinch fasteners, screws and inserts for plastic, security fasteners and thread-locking nuts.

'Supplying over 150 million components every day, TR Fastenings’ success is underpinned by an innovative and flexible approach to the supply of fastenings. Currently, TR serves more than 5,000 companies globally, spanning 10 core industry sectors, and it supplies 52 countries supported from 23 strategic sites, including six manufacturing facilities in the UK, Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia and China


Plastic Products Range

Cable Management & Wiring:

  • Cable Ties & Accessories Range: Releasable Arrow Head, Standard, Releasable, Screw Mount, Push Mount (Winged & Plain), Flat Tie Holder (Arrow Head), Thru Hole & Blind Hole).
  • Cable Management Range: Twist Lock, Side Entry Curly Lock, Stand-off Harness Clip, Stand-off Harness Clip, Stand-off Twist Lock, Micro, Narrow, Locking, Mini & Hinged Edge Wire Saddle (Arrowhead & Releasable Arrowhead, Teardrop & Blind Head).
  • Adhesive Base Range: Micro Wire Saddle on Adhesive Base, Adjustable Clip Release Adhesive Base.


Rivets & Screws:

  • Rivets Range: Snap, Drive, Push, Clinch, Drive Fastener, Mounting Button, Snap Lock Pin.
  • Nylon Screws Range: Sizes: M2-M10; Head Types: Cheese, Countersunk, Raised Countersunk, Pan; Drive Types: Slotted; Pozi, Recess Z, Recess H.


Circuit Board Hardware:

  • Spacers & Pillars Range: All with undercut as standard. Range: F/F Female/Female, M/F Male/Female, M/M Male/Female, Thru Hole. Materials: Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Black Nylon, White Nylon.
  • Support Post Series Range: Round, Self-Retaining, Mini, Dual Locking, Push, Tear Drop, Non-Threaded, Locking (Cross), Rivet Locking, Reverse Locking.
  • Circuit Board Support Range: Hex, Hex Male, Round Male, Nylon Round Threaded, Male Mini Hex.


TR Southern Fasteners

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