'Many yoghurt and dessert producers have specified IEF Werner automation systems designed, installed and supported by R.A. Rodriguez.

A common application for these solutions is inkjet coding and R. A. Rodriguez/IEF Werner systems are widely employed in the UK for this purpose to control the precise linear movement of many different brands of printing heads. These systems are easy to operate and to programme so an infinite variety of products can be accommodated on the production line. R. A. Rodriguez can also call on a wide choice of control interface options – from a simple manual selection switch to a touchscreen.

The main characteristic of the installed systems is their ability to ensure the print head delivers high quality printing for ‘best before’ and ‘sell-by’ dates as well other traceability data such as batch code. This is an all-important factor for any food processor dealing in the mass market.

A typical system is based on the IEF Werner easyLINE, an axis of which is integrated into a yoghurt or dessert-packing machine and used to transport the inkjet print head across a conveyor carrying rows of pots. Each row holds multiple pots and the conveyor indexes to the next row every few seconds.

Smooth operation and consistent speed are vital in the efficiency of the inkjet printing process and thanks to its controlled acceleration and deceleration the stepper motor controlled easyLINE system ensures no disturbance to ink flow.

The IEF Werner linear motion product programme has been designed to provide elements that are freely combined to create bespoke, multi-axes handling systems. IP65 rating qualifies the resultant system for a wash down environment and its freely programmable controller allows a range of different products and print positions.

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