With over 70 years’ experience in modular terminal block design and development, the Weidmüller Klippon Connect portfolio offers a free choice of connection technology allowing users to select terminals to meet the demanding requirements of different industries all from a single source.

Users can select from screw clamp, the most widely used technology & stud terminals through to spring clamp and the newest PUSH IN connection technology. All have their own features and benefits, but crucially, all designs separate the mechanical and electrical functions which allows Weidmüller to offer gas tight, vibration proof & maintenance free connections across all technologies. So, the choice really is yours!


Screw Clamp

Available since 1948 the original terminal design has withstood the test of time. From the original SAK through to the W-Series terminal, the screw connection system with patented clamping yoke technology ensures the ultimate in contact safety as the clamping yoke properties compensate for temperature-indexed changes to the conductor to prevent loosening and offers a vibration resistant connection. With protection against the incorrect insertion of conductors, wide clamping ranges and the ability to accept to two conductors in one clamping point.

With decades of development comes an extensive product portfolio, making it suitable for conductor sizes from 0.05mm2 to 240mm2. This consists of products from both universal and application-based portfolios, meaning users can be sure to find a solution to match their individual application requirements.

The screw connection has long been an established connection element to meet exacting demands in terms of reliability and functionality, and with continued product development the Weidmüller screw clamp is still setting the standards.

Stud technology for conductors up to 300mm is designed for reliable power transfer. There are a lot of challenges for connectivity in transportation, energy distribution or traffic engineering for example. For reliable power transfer in these challenging conditions, we offer series WF, WFF, SRL and ST 400 stud terminals. With crimped cable lugs, the conductors are laid on the threaded pins and securely connected by tightening the hex nut to the required torque. The robust processing guarantees the ultimate in safety. The newest SRL range also offer a finger safe protection without additional shrouding.


Tension Clamp

Whether in machine construction, the automotive industry or railway and shipping: wherever there is a requirement for a particularly vibration-resistant contact, tension clamp technology proves extremely reliable. At the same time, Weidmüller terminal blocks with proven tension clamp technology are perfect for compact yet manageable panel construction without requiring any special tools to operate the clamp.

The Z-Series has an impressive, practical design and comes in two variants: standard with top entry and roof with an angled conductor entry. Between them they cover wire cross-sections from 0.05 to 35 mm2. The roof style design offers a reduction in length of up to 36 percent compared to standard terminal blocks.

The wide range with numerous additional functions and pluggable terminal blocks (WeiCoS), the wide clamping range and up to two cross-connection channels make the Z-Series perfectly adaptable to all requirements.



The most advanced terminal from the Weidmüller portfolio is the A-Series. Direct plug connectors with PUSH IN technology reduce connection times for solid wires and those with crimped on wire-end ferrules by up to 50 % compared to clamping yoke terminals. The conductor is simply inserted in the clamping unit to get a safe, gas-tight connection. Even flexible conductors can be connected without tools and trouble. Weidmüller PUSH IN technology guarantees excellent contact security and ease of handling, even in demanding applications.

All terminals from the A-Series portfolio offer optical and physical separation of operation and conductor entry by utilising a pusher for releasing the contacts offering the safest possible operation, as well test points to simplify commissioning and testing procedures and due to their modern design, they are ready for automation and automatic assembly processes.

Suitable for conductor sizes from 0.13mm2 to 120mm2and consisting of products from universal and highly innovative application-based portfolios users can be sure to find a solution to match their application requirements. Examples include highly compact voltage distribution terminals, saving up to 25% panel space and single terminal IO connection blocks.

With continuous product development the Weidmüller A-Series terminals will set the standard for the next 70 years.

Not only can Weidmüller offer you a free choice of connection technology you can benefit from Weidmüller services by using WMC – The Weidmüller Configurator to quickly and easily configure and request our components, incorporating Fast Delivery Service which offers quotations within minutes, flexible made-to-order production and reliable delivery times for individual assemblies. The tool supports continuous engineering workflows, from planning with E-CAD systems through to documentation.

In summary, if you are looking for the freedom to choose from a complete range of maintenance free, modular terminal blocks and associated services, simply call Weidmüller on 0845 094 2007 or for more information, visit their web page or email them at marketing@weidmuller.co.uk.