Renowned for exceptional quality and reliability and designed to deliver unparalleled precision, speed control and versatility, Mitsubishi Electric has developed the next generation of drive technology: the remarkable FR-F/A800-E Series. The FR-F/A800-E series variable speed drives now come with an integrated web server and 100Mbit Ethernet TCP/IP connectivity as standard. The new features are in addition to the FR-F/A800 series’ already extensive network connectivity options, providing machine builders and systems integrators with increased functionality for remote system monitoring and parameter adjustment, as well as easier integration into existing network environments. 
Expanded connectivity
Ethernet connectivity as standard considerably lowers the cost of connecting this variable speed drive into an Ethernet TCP/IP environment. Engineers can use the Mitsubishi Electric FR Configurator2 software to search the network from a single location and easily identify connected models. Direct Ethernet connection not only eliminates the cost of option cards, but also makes the set-up, monitoring and adjustment of parameters on an FR-F/A800-E more convenient.
The integrated web server provides users with additional cost benefits by allowing them to fine-tune production settings and reduce downtime by connecting directly to the drive.  A standard web browser can be used to connect to the drive, either with an Ethernet cable, or remotely from anywhere in the world via a VPN. This connection enables convenient status monitoring and adjustment of the drive, as well as simplified diagnosis and improved response times for maintenance. 
In addition, a direct network connection can be established to a Mitsubishi Electric GOT series HMI for parameter back-up and restore functions, with users able to perform the task either manually or automatically. An operator could also use the network connection to link to the drive via the USB port on a Mitsubishi Electric PLC.
Extending the FR-F/A800 inverter series networking capability with on-board Ethernet as standard greatly increases the flexibility of the drive, as well as making connection to parallel networks simple. For example, users could select a dedicated industrial network protocol card to connect the drive into a wider automation network, and use the additional on-board Ethernet port for remote access or to link the drive to another device, such as a PC for quality control functions. Completing the almost universal connectivity options, compatibility with the latest 100Mb CC Link IE Field option is standard as well, in addition to the higher level Gigabit variants.
Mobile support solution
The inverters also come with a dedicated App suitable for use with mobile devices including iPhones and iPads. The App provides a wide range of control and monitoring options, from simple incremental forwards and backwards motor control – through to managing alarms and operating parameters remotely. The convenience this provides will be attractive for system builders, maintenance providers and end users while they are on the move, either on or off site.
Supporting predictive maintenance, Mitsubishi Electric has extended the diagnostics capabilities of variable speed drives by integrating smart condition monitoring (SCM) technology into inverter series. The user is now able to carry out condition monitoring functions directly within the inverter. The additional capability comes via the integration of the SCM Kit-1 into the FR-F/A800-E inverters Within the models, the PLC function acts as the sensor controller for the SmartCheck sensor, eliminating the need for a separate controller. The sensor itself can be added to assets where required, being easily retrofitted to the fixing bolts of rotating machine components such as motors, shaft bearings, pumps, fans, drums and gearboxes. Once set up, the SCM provides 24/7 monitoring of the machine, with functions including bearing defect detection, imbalance detection, misalignment detection, lack of lubricant, temperature measurement, cavitation detection, phase failure recognition and resonance frequency detection.
Enhancing production performance 
The full range of Mitsubishi Electric FR-F/A800 series inverter drives from 0.4kW to 630kW are all designed for high-end applications where best performance, reliability and efficiency are required. As such, standard features of the FR-F/A800-E also include intelligent auto tune functions and powerful built-in PLC functionality based on the Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC-L series that ensures users have a wide scope for application-specific programming. A powerful built-in positioning function further enhances application versatility. FR-F/A800 drives also come with sophisticated function modules for applications such as dancer arms and cranes. Mitsubishi Electrics short lead times, with same day delivery in some cases, further add to your production performance.
From a safety aspect, functional safety up to PLe/SIL3 guarantees operation in situations ranging from simple emergency stops to complex press actuation. Safe Torque Off (STO) comes as standard. 
“Adding an Ethernet port and web server to an already high performance product with extensive networking facilities, safety, predictive maintenance, PLC functionality and more makes this product a great solution in a huge range of applications.” comments Oliver Endres, Product Manager Inverter, Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V., Factory Automation European Business Group. “You can control and monitor an entire machine or process with just one drive, and because of that it can save a massive amount of time and money for system integrators and machine builders during the design, build and commissioning phase. Not only that but it will also be hugely beneficial to end users by providing easier, lower cost operation and maintenance.”
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