The new wireless data loggers from Rotronic are said to be suitable for the most diverse humidity and temperature monitoring tasks. RF transmissions save the user wiring costs, and useful data can be recorded quickly and easily where access is severely restricted. This combination of wireless transmission and data logging means data security is assured.

The range of high performance wireless temperature and humidity data loggers have significant features that make them a suitable monitoring solution for use in many industries including museums & conservation, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, food, horticulture, meteorology, ­aerospace, defence and electronics.

Hard to reach locations can be monitored, while cabling costs are eliminated. Conditions inside closed cabinets can be recorded and measurements accessed remotely without changing the environment (suitable for stability cabinets and incubators). This is good for clean rooms as chambers and rooms of all types can be mapped.

Data is secure at all times, wireless frequency of 433.92MHz provides maximum radio diffusion and measurements can be recorded for six years without lithium battery replacement.

Any Rotronic HygroClip2 temperature and humidity probe including industrial high ­temperature and pressure types can be connected to a compact sender module with no adjustment required. Up to 100 probes can be connected on a wireless network with USB or Ethernet interface to a PC running Rotronic validated HW4 software. Logging configuration including the recording interval and alarms is easily performed, as is data retrieval.

A Rotronic wireless system with recorded temperature and humidity measurements and the availability of a calculated moisture value is easy to install and manage.

Flexibility is assured; and additional sensors from the range can be added at any time. 



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