CAE specialist EPLAN has launched Version 2.5 of its popular Harness proD wiring harness design software. This new release offers increased efficiency and convenience, with optimised workflows for users. In particular, it incorporates a wide range of enhancements for nail-board design, cable routing and project management, guaranteeing effective wire harness engineering.

A major highlight of the new version of Harness proD is the tight integration of the 3D wire harness engineering system with the EPLAN Platform’s central parts management.

Users therefore have a single, central parts management system that they can use throughout every aspect of a project. This significantly reduces the effort required to maintain master databases and facilitates continuous workflows from schematics through to production documentation.

In addition, master data workflows have been further optimised through the derivation of 2D symbols – required for nail board drawing – from existing 3D data. This is particularly efficient because 3D component data is already generated and used by the other software elements in the EPLAN platform.

Furthermore, engineers who use AutoCAD symbols can look forward to a much improved import capability. Imported DWG and DXF drawings can be edited in Version 2.5 with all the relevant content being extracted.

Another added benefit of Version 2.5 of Harness proD is that many new features – for example, the fixing of a 3D object’s positioning, the option to position the starting point of a new bundle in a wire harness into existing bundles, and the automatic routing of cables – are incorporated as standard.

To support production, wire colourings can be displayed in the connector symbol on the nail-board. Harness production staff can therefore use the drawing to instantly identify the correct positioning of a wire at a connector – searching wire lists for the necessary information is no longer required, which is a major boost to efficiency.

In order to offer greater flexibility to nail-board designs, EPLAN Harness proD 2.5 has separated the “data layer” from the “display layer”. Display configurations enable a drawing to be viewed differently without having to change the data – e.g. according to a company’s internal drawing standards.

Batch processing of updates has been added to project management section. The need for evaluation or drawing updates is detected and then batch processed to further reduce project management effort.