Adelphi Manufacturing have recently added a Monobloc Filler to their popular Response range of filling machines.

Launched at the PPMA Show in September, it provides many advantages for customers compared with traditional inline packaging systems, and clients from the Vaping, Cosmetics, Food, Beverage, and Pharmaceutical industries are already expressing interest in what Adelphi’s Monobloc can offer.

The Response range was developed in response to customers’ requests, hence the name! Adelphi’s innovative design and forward-thinking are now making those wishes a reality.

Built to pharmaceutical standards, the hygienic Monobloc is a single-head filler capable of filling containers from 3ml to 250ml. With easy-to-use HMI touch screen controls and quick strip-down, it improves productivity; not only can the Monobloc be fully stripped in 10 minutes, it is also quick and easy to change parts from one fill size container to another.

A major improvement facilitated by this filler is that the footprint of the machine is drastically reduced, which saves customers vital space compared to inline systems. Lengthy composite conveyor systems with several individual machines are replaced by compatible components surrounding a single starwheel.

Adelphi’s Monobloc has also been designed to save customers money, compared to the cost of purchasing all of the separate machines required in an inline system. The single starwheel completely synchronises customers’ packaging processes, and this simple, intuitive set-up also provides the benefit of reduced labour costs compared to the average inline packaging system.

Adelphi also recognise the importance of scalability and scope for growth as production demands increase. Their benchtop Response Volumetric Filler is ideal for small to medium batch productions, but as your business grows it’s comforting to know that the machine will not become obsolete: the Monobloc has been designed to work with the Response Volumetric Filler, rather than replacing it. If production demands increase further, a second head can easily be added to the Monobloc (for fill sizes 5ml – 100ml).

However, understanding that clients may already have invested in a benchtop filler, the Monobloc can also be configured to incorporate fillers from other suppliers.

The Response range has been designed to effectively handle liquids, oils, creams, pastes and solids in suspension; the fillers work as well with products such as chutney as they do with rose water or date syrup. To find out how Adelphi can help your business, please don’t hesitate to call +44 (0) 1444 472300, or email