Controlling the flow of media is crucial, so the PLC and plant operators are working in the dark if they don’t know whether valves are open or closed. More than that, is the valve opening fully or is it blocked by deposits? Is it closed properly or is the seal wearing?

Ifm electronic presents a new intelligent sensor for quarter-turn valves: the MVQ smart valve sensor. Open, closed or somewhere in between, MVQ detects any position of the valve with great accuracy and repeatability.

If used as a standard sensor the MVQ will provide three switched signals for the valve position, but with integrated IO-Link the MVQ really comes into its own, offering far more information about the state of the operation.

The fine resolution of just 0.1° gives the operator accurate information on the conditions inside the valve; tolerances are adjustable, of course, to allow for the kind of medium and the age of the valve, and MVQ can also measure the time taken for the valve to move, indicating the possible need for maintenance.

Bright multicoloured LED indication shows the valve status from a distance, too.

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