The essential tool to Lean Process improvement

Whether you want to monitor the performance and efficiency of production machines or manual assembly/packaging cells you will surely be interested in identifying and eliminating wastage in the operation and obtaining optimised transparency of the operation.

The key features of the signal tower wireless andon systems from Werma are:

  • Monitors and records the status of any machine, equipment or manual workstation in a single overview on a pc or network system.
  • Low cost and easy to install – will retrofit to virtually any machine.
  • Easy to use – no programming knowledge required.

How does it work?

A signal tower is fitted with a transmitter unit.  The outputs to the signal tower trigger the illumination of the different status lights and this “activity” or status change is transmitted to a receiver unit plugged into the network or host pc as a date and time stamped activity.  The data is then displayed on user pcs in clear and easy to follow real time “productivity and runtime views.

Why use Werma wireless monitoring kits?

  • Wireless – minimum cabling required.
  • Intuitive software, easy to navigate.
  • Runs independently of ERP system or similar.
  • Easy to connect to an existing beacon/.signal tower
  • Modular design, easy to add accessories.

New features

In response to feedback from the market place many new features have been added the most notable of which are:

  • Optional piece part counting and “job management” functions to track job fulfilment.
  • Easy to generate management reports and export to other formats e.g. excel.
  • An ethernet receiver unit to plug directly into client network.
  • And enhanced transmitter unit, “slave control”, with the ability to switch status light functions from a central commend position.

The real time and historical views of data will give the user an absolute transparency of the operation, identify fluctuations in productivity easily and identify weak spots in the process.

Improve reaction time to downtime  – a machine requiring maintenance or external intervention will, through the andon system, provoke an Email to be sent automatically to the service required. In a similar way line side shortages can be signalled automatically to stores.

Get in touch with Werma to learn more about how the system could improve your operation and arrange a no obligation demonstration of the kit.



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