More than 10,000 employees and workers suffer major injuries as a result of slips and trips, 90% of which resulted in broken bones, while a further 30,000 workers suffer over three day injuries after slipping and tripping in the workplace.

Within the construction industry in particular trailing cables are an accident waiting to happen, Skyhook-GB’s Skyhook  Cable Support is a versatile product designed to clean up and safely accommodate these trailing cables, eliminating damage to power leads and reducing the risks of strip hazards, making the workplace a ‘safer place to work’.

Since its design in 2004, the Skyhook Cable Support has been sold mainly to the construction industry and facility companies and Skyhook-GB now supply to over 150 clients, including 8 of the top 10 construction companies in the UK. The Skyhook Cable Support comes in a yellow, white, red, blue, green, brown and black colour. Skyhooks GB also produce a variation of the Skyhook called ‘Medi-hook’, designed for hospital applications.

In addition to the ‘Skyhook’ and the ‘Medi-hook’, Skyhook-GB have this year launched two new products the ‘Multi Hook ‘ and ‘Extendable Tower Stand’. The ‘Multi Hook’ had been designed much the same as the original ‘Skyhook’ but ha an additional loop which can accommodate multiple cables. Also an additional new fixing point in the smaller loop allows the user to rotate it, allowing the hook to be fixed to an overhead point, so the larger loop cab be used to accommodate larger cables. The ‘Extendable Tower Stand’ can be raised up to 3 metres in height and is made from steel box section. There is a non-conductible plastic head which attaches to the top of the stand allowing multiple cables to be carried at various heights.

All products in the Skyhook-GB’s range are of the highest standard and fully designed to existing safety specifications. All manufacturing is solely conducted in Britain; Skyhook-GB’s many years of experience help contribute to an unrivalled level of service. Not content to rest on laurels, the company is continually looking to the future, striving to achieve even greater heights of innovation and service.

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