The C Series Bulk Bag Filler is for users wanting to remove bags on a pallet by forklift truck. It has a robust, 2 leg frame offering unimpeded access to the front of the filler for the easy hanging of empty bags. Dependent upon the application, filling can either controlled by volume or by weight. For customers wanting ‘Weights and Measures’ (OIML) approval, there is the option of an automatic ‘gain-in-weight’ weighing system with programmable one-touch controls. The operator can control Bulk Bag Filler operations accurate to +/ 1%.

Filling rates of up to 20 bags an hour are attainable, depending on the product and the storage hopper, or conveyor, used to deliver the product to the filler. It is ideally suited to applications in all industries including chemical, food, dairy, pharmaceutical, animal feed, plastics, minerals and aggregates. Twinned units achieve filling rates of up to 40 bags and hour.

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