Loma Systems, has launched its the CW3 400 UL, described as an accurate, ultra-light checkweigher. The CW3 400 UL is said to be suitable for small, lightweight packages or valuable products and materials where high accuracy and maximum throughput are required.

The CW3 400 UL can weigh products up to 400g with accuracy as precise as 0.04g and a maximum throughput of 450 items a minute, making it suitable for small food products like salt and sugar sachets. It is suitable for integration into any application where the weighing process must conform to stringent pharmaceutical requirements and its precision is said to enable the checkweigher to detect a diverse variety of anomalies ranging from assorted ­confectionery to missing spices on ready meals.

The system also incorporates a delicate air blast reject system which has a baffleplate to ensure the air reject is ­separate so it does not to interfere with the weigh platform and the out-feed reject and ensures consistent accurate ­performance. The unit has a ‘bin full’ sensor to ensure under or over weigh product are not damaged when rejected.