Precise distance measurement to the nearest millimetre is essential in many control and automation applications and the latest OGD precision laser distance sensors from ifm electronic provide important features and benefits for the most demanding applications.

The small, compact design of the OGD 592 / 593 distance sensors from ifm utilise the innovative on-chip, time-of-flight principle with PMD (photonic mixed device) technology which is vastly superior to conventional diffuse reflection used in laser sensors. This ensures outstanding precision to the nearest millimetre helping to determine the presence of parts and their correct installation, for example an O-ring.

In addition, excellent reflection resistance and background suppression together with high excess gain, ensure reliable operation for the most demanding applications.

The OGD precision is available with an extremely small light spot at a 300mm range enabling detection of very small parts. The switch point can be easily set to the nearest millimetre via the three operating buttons, or alternatively via IO-Link, which allows read-out of the current distance value. ENDS.

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