Continuously monitoring water temperatures will improve ACoP L8 legionella compliance in smart manufacturing and process engineering environments, immediately highlighting exceptions, providing data upon which informed decisions can be made on how to manage these systems. To do so manually is inefficient and expensive.

Minimise Water’s Compliance Online system has been developed to provide this continuous, granular water temperature monitoring without the associated cost or need for additional manpower. Launched 3 September 2015, Compliance Online uses a combination of technologically advanced hardware and software to collect temperature data, reporting it back in real time to an easily-accessed, cloud based dashboard. This means that those responsible for water monitoring and compliance reporting can review multiple sites from their desktop.

Key benefits

Continuous temperature data highlights exceptions immediately

Up to 100 probes can link to each Gateway facilitating multi-site, remote monitoring

Easy access reporting dashboard

Reduces manpower costs while improving monitoring capability

All reports captured in an ACoP L8 compliant electronic log book

Low maintenance and long life – probe batteries have 10-year lifespan 

Compliance Online is quick and easy to install. Non-intrusive temperature probes are located at the monitoring site(s) identified from the risk assessment. These send data by wireless radio frequency to a communications gateway where it is collated into an easy-to-read reporting dashboard, providing compliance data that meets ACoP L8 requirements.

The secure online dashboard allows users to interrogate the data to uncover potential risks, contributing factors and opportunities to improve temperature control and water management practices.

Exceptions are clearly visible on the dashboard. Furthermore, when safeguard thresholds are exceeded the system can be set to trigger an SMS or email alert, enabling a faster response time and mitigating high risk conditions.

Minimise Water, through its subsidiary Green Compliance, has more than 30 years’ experience in legionella prevention and monitoring and is a founding member of the Legionella Control Association. This extensive experience ensures that its technicians are able to ensure that the wireless temperature probes are placed in the optimum position to capture all high and low temperatures appropriate to the control scheme requirements.

Because monitoring is continuous the risk of exceptions being missed is significantly reduced and it ensures that problems are spotted at the earliest opportunity.

The system offers users the chance to streamline legionella monitoring and reporting while simultaneously improving performance.

“Conventional data collection can disrupt day-to-day business and incurs high labour and transport costs,” explains commercial director Rob Denny. “Automating this data collection is a more efficient, effective and sustainable solution.

“The system can be used across multiple sites and even be used nationally or internationally, providing a central point for all relevant and critical records such as certificates of calibration and remedial works. Effectively it is an electronic log book; a full, paperless audit trail.”

The Compliance Online system is suitable for unmanned buildings or difficult to access sites and is particularly suited to process engineering, food, health care or leisure locations where constant monitoring is critical.

The system can be leased as part of a service contract with zero capital outlay or purchased outright with a support package. When purchased the cost of compliance can transfer from an operating cost to a capital expenditure, with a typical return on investment period of less than two years.