The Nederman Fume Eliminator 840/841 is a small, lightweight, portable extraction unit that has proven invaluable in improving the air quality of workshops where light welding is carried out, and until the end of August 2015 will be available with a free Nederman C20 power cable hose reel. This summer promotional offer also applies to two other Nederman products, the Suction Blaster and the FilterCart.

The Nederman FE840 model is provided with a manual start/stop function, whereas the FE841 includes an innovative automatic start/stop feature that starts and stops the extraction with operation the welding torch. By eliminating welding fume at source, via either on torch extraction or extraction nozzle, the Fume Eliminator with its integral 99.7% efficient filtration is undoubtedly the most cost effective means of reducing airborne particulate. Furthermore, the automatic feature on the 841 Series ensures that extraction is only used when required, thereby improving efficiency and reducing running costs for the end user.

This efficiency is also incorporated into the Fume Eliminator design, with a powerful 100W motor that creates an airflow of up to 150m3/h and a maximum suction of 22kPa through the 2.5m long hose, and to permit the welding operative to freely move the Fume Eliminator from one work area to the next, it has an extremely lightweight design with a total weight of 16kg. This is packed into an 830 by 230 by 410mm (L X W X H) frame that allows the unit to be used in the most compact and demanding of work areas.

To cater for the various demands of the workplace, the Fume Eliminator is available with three optional nozzles. The TM80 nozzle has a 500mm length with an 80mm diameter hose whereas the TM200 is supplied with a 570mm hose length with a slot nozzle that is 200mm wide and 30mm high. The final nozzle option is the PM300. This provides a slot width of 300mm and a slot height of 5mm, making this nozzle the preferred choice for seam welding applications.

As mentioned above, until 31st August 2105 any purchase of a Nederman Fume Eliminator, Suction Blaster or FilterCart, will entitle the purchaser to a free Nederman C20 power cable reel. The C20 cable reel is a high-quality power reel with a robust design that is demonstrated by its high-impact composite material casing. The retractable cable has an optimised spring force and ball bearings that ensure the 12m cable retracts smoothly, easily and evenly onto the drum.

A Video on the Fume Eliminator is available at: