Porvair Filtration Group has won a two-year supply agreement for its Polyfil II and Aquafil disposable filter cartridges from a leading Asian manufacturer of PTFE. The filters will be used to produce large quantities of particulate-free water at low cost.

“The selection of Polyfil II and Aquafil filters demonstrates how Porvair’s proprietary filter technology enables organisations to produce the highest quality particulate-free water while also achieving significant cost savings,” said Eric Pert, market manager, Porvair Filtration Group. The removal of submicronic particulate contamination from process water used in the polymerisation process of PTFE is critical in meeting the client’s quality control requirements.

Polyfil II cartridges are said to be the filter of choice for organisations seeking absolute removal of unwanted particulates (0.5 to 105 micron) and for prefiltration to membrane filters. The pleated polypropylene high surface area design of Polyfil II cartridges is said to help achieve lower running costs and a smaller process footprint. Polyfil II cartridges are also resistant to integrity failure caused by steam sterilisation and are said to have excellent chemical compatibility characteristics.

Aquafil polyethersulphone membrane filters suit use on high flow recirculation water systems where the water passes through the filter many times.