Culturefuge 400 is the latest addition to Alfa Laval’s range of hermetically designed disc stack centrifuges for harvesting mammalian cell cultures.

Handling up to 20m3/h, Culturefuge 400 is a true, production-scale centrifuge. It consists of a disk-stack high-speed separator with piping for service liquids and process liquids and includes an integrated electrical system with starter, PLC controls and pneumatic unit.

Designed in accordance with both ASME and PED pressure vessel codes, the centrifuge incorporates a bottom fed bowl which is completely filled with liquid to ensure that all air is excluded during cell separation.

The hollow spindle concept allows for gentle acceleration of the feed liquid thus minimising the lysis of shear sensitive cell wall membranes while the air-free outlet reduces the risk of foaming in the centrate.

Culturefuge can be sterilised and cleaned in place. The ‘dosing ring’ solids-ejecting system ensures low product losses and drier solids and flushing nozzles spray the outside of the centrifuge bowl, cyclone and the inside of the frame hood for maximum hygiene.